Owner's Representative - Projects

KMB International's project management consists of the comprehensive management for a client as a Owner's Representative of all aspects of projects from conception to completion of construction and commissioning.

The objective of KMB International is to co-ordinate and control, through the application of management techniques, all aspects of the project as an Owner's Representative throughout the project and to produce a well designed and constructed facility which will meet the Client's requirements of function, schedule, and budget.

High KMB standards of performance as an Owner's Representative are to be expected for the management of planning, design, construction and commissioning of a capital project within a cost budget and a prescribed time schedule.

Key KMB International's Owner's Representative Functions:

  • Defining Client's requirements;
  • RFP Development;
  • RFP Analysis;
  • Selection of Designers and Consultants;
  • Conceptual Design and Planning
  • Assistance in arrangements for financing;
  • Budgeting and Cost Estimates & Controls;
  • Final Engineering Design
  • Monthly Payment Verification for Financial Institutions;
  • Scheduling;
  • Procurement and Expediting;
  • Construction Management;
  • Quality Control;
  • Commissioning;

Project Management - Project Manager

KMB International's Project Managers are extensively trained, experience, knowledge and expertise in the construction industry and the design professions, including the capability to manage all aspects of a construction project.

The project management concept involves the implementation of all functions necessary to achieve this objective efficiently while permitting the Client the degree of control necessary to determine his/her wishes and preferences.

It is the intent that, by the application of KMB's principles, the Project Manager relieves the Client of the responsibility for providing an organization to deal specifically with the design and construction of the new facility.

We will set up a project organization which is specifically structured to the size, complexity and scope of the project. The composition of the team will vary through each of the project phases but normally will include staff to undertake overall management and management of RFP development and analysis, Design, Tendering Purchasing, Accounting, Scheduling, Construction Commissioning.

Completion of the various stages of construction will be certified by the Project Manager. Commissioning and start-up follows completion of construction and a pre commissioning phase which involves preparing equipment for operation and, possible, the commencement of training programs for operating staffs.

Engineering and Design

Provision of multi-disciplinary design and project management services for commercial and public developments throughout Canada. Services include facility design, engineering feasibility studies, facility condition reports, total development packages, proposals submission, site approvals, engineering/project management, construction management. Capabilities include public assembly buildings, airport terminals and hangars, courier sort facilities, water and sewer, fuel depots, runways, taxiways, aprons, roadways, lighting, storm water management, environmental audits. We provide project management in all aspects from conception to completion of construction and commissioning.

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